Transforming the world through clean, affordable and simple energy starts with sustainability

Get to know our initiatives:

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

With the objective to unite our society and make people lives better around the World, UN promoted an event for 193 countries to adopt 17 sustainable development goals.

It was established a commitment to end poverty, promote prosperity and well being, protect the environment and fight climate change.

BTN: 2030 agenda

SDG that we act directly:

  • SDG 7 – Clean and accessible energy

    At Omega Geração we produce clean, renewable and affordable energy

  • SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    We contribute directly to the development of an sustainable energy matrix and infrastructure and by that supporting the economic and social development of communities.

  • SDG 13 – Climate Action

    In 2019, our energy avoided the emissions of 289 thousand tons of CO2. Our actions are essentially sustainable and we are committed to preserve our environment.

  • SDG 4 – Quality Education

    We created and maintain educational projects on the areas of our assets: Minas Gerais, Piauí and Maranhão.

  • SDG 8 – Decent work and Economic growth

    We believe and work based on collective work, equal opportunities and respecting each and everyone of our team members

  • SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

    We generate clean energy, reducing environment impact, making, amongst others, air quality better by avoiding more CO2 on atmosphere.

Sustainability Report

We connect investments and people in a sustainable way

Social Projects

Janela para o Mundo Education Center

Transform – also through education. That was the idea that lead us to build our first Education Center in Ilha Grande, Piauí.

We attend 328 students distributed in 21 classes of 7 free courses, like English, Computing and Libras.

In 2019 we opened our second unit, in Paulino Neves, Maranhão.

Paulinho Neves (MA)

Ilha Grande (PI)


Environmental Projects

Nature care

We make environmental educational campaigns and reforestation around the communities where we are present.
This way we actively corroborate to people awareness and habitat preservation around our plants.

Paulinho Neves (MA)